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This exam tests your knowledge and skills related to:

  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • IP connectivity
  • IP services
  • Security fundamentals
  • Automation and programmability
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Latest updates Cisco 200-125 exam practice questions

What Cisco IOS feature can be enabled to pinpoint an application that is causing slow network performance?
B. Netflow
Correct Answer: B
Netflow can be used to diagnose slow network performance, bandwidth hogs and bandwidth utilization quickly with
command line interface or reporting tools. Reference:

RouterA is unable to reach RouterB. Both routers are running IOS version 12.0.lead4pass 200-125 exam question q2

After reviewing the command output and graphic, what is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. incorrect bandwidth configuration
B. incorrect LMI configuration
C. incorrect map statement
D. incorrect IP address
Correct Answer: C
First we have to say this is an unclear question and it is wrong. The “frame-relay map ip” statement is correct thus none
of the four answers above is correct. But we guess there is a typo in the output. Maybe the “ip address command should be “ip address That makes answer C correct.

Which two statements about the spanning-tree bridge ID are true? (Choose two.)
A. It is composed of a 4-bit bridge priority and a 12-bit system ID extension.
B. The bridge ID is transmitted in the IP header to elect the root bridge.
C. Thesystem ID extension is a value between 1 and 4095.
D. It is composed of an 8-bit bridge priority and a 16-bit system ID extension.
E. The bridge priority must be incremented in blocks of 4096.
Correct Answer: AE

In which three ways is an IPv6 header simpler than an IPv4 header? (Choose three.)
A. Unlike IPv4 headers, IPv6 headers have a fixed length.
B. IPv6 uses an extension header instead of the IPv4 Fragmentation field.
C. IPv6 headers eliminate the IPv4 Checksum field.
D. IPv6 headers use the Fragment Offset field in place of the IPv4 Fragmentation field.
E. IPv6 headers use a smaller Option field size than IPv4 headers.
F. IPv6 headers use a 4-bit TTL field, and IPv4 headers use an 8-bit TTL field.
Correct Answer: ABC

In which two ways can you prevent recursive routing in a tunneled environment? (Choose two)
A. Configure routes through the tunnel with a lower metric than other routes.
B. Configure route filtering to prevent the tunnel endpoints from learning each other through the tunnel.
C. Enable QoS on the link.
D. Configure routes through the tunnel with a higher metric than other routes.
E. configure GRE keepalives on the tunnel interface.
Correct Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 200-125 exam question q6

The Bigtime router is unable to authenticate to the Littletime router. What is the cause of the problem?
A. The usernames are incorrectly configured on the two routers.
B. The passwords do not match on the two routers.
C. CHAP authentication cannot be used on a serial interface.
D. The routers cannot be connected from interface S0/0 to interface S0/0.
E. With CHAP authentication, one router must authenticate to another router. The routers cannot be configured to
authenticate to each other.
Correct Answer: B
With CHAP authentication, the configured passwords must be identical on each router. Here, it is configured as little123
on one side and big123 on the other.

which two types of information are held in the mac address table ?
A. destination ip addresses
B. protocols
C. port numbers
D. mac address
E. source ip address
Correct Answer: CD

In a switched environment, what does the IEEE 802.1Q standard describe?
A. the operation of VTP
B. a method of VLAN trunking
C. an approach to wireless LAN communication
D. the process for root bridge selection
E. VLAN pruning
Correct Answer: B
A broadcast domain must sometimes exist on more than one switch in the network. To accomplish this, one switch must
send frames to another switch and indicate which VLAN a particular frame belongs to. On Cisco switches, a trunk link is
created to accomplish this VLAN identification. ISL and IEEE 802.1Q are different methods of putting a VLAN identifier
in a Layer 2 frame.
The IEEE 802.1Q protocol interconnects VLANs between multiple switches, routers, and servers. With 802.1Q, a
network administrator can define a VLAN topology to span multiple physical devices.
Cisco switches support IEEE 802.1Q for FastEthernet and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. An 802.1Q trunk link provides
VLAN identification by adding a 4-byte tag to an Ethernet Frame as it leaves a trunk port.

In which two situations should you use out-of-band management?
A. when a network device fails to forward packets
B. when you require ROMMON access
C. when management applications need concurrent access to the device
D. when you require administrator access from multiple locations
E. when the control plane fails to respond
Correct Answer: AB


lead4pass 200-125 exam question q10

Refer to the exhibit.
Which two statements about the interface that generated the output are true? (Choose two)
A. Two secure MAC address are manually configured on the interface.
B. A syslog message is generated when the maximum number of secure MAC addresses is on the interface
C. The interface is error -disabled.
D. The interface dynamic ally learned two secure MAC addresses
E. An SNMP trap is generated when the maximum number of secure MAC addresses is reached on the interface
Correct Answer: DE

Which statement about static routes is true?
A. The source interface can be configured to make routing decisions.
B. A subnet mask is entered for the next-hop address.
C. The subnet mask is 255.255 255.0 by default
D. The exit interface can be specified to indicate where the packets will be routed.
Correct Answer: D
Static routing can be used to define an exit point from a router when no other routes are available or necessary. This is
called a default route.

Which option is a valid IPv6 address?
A. 2001:0000:130F::099a::12a
B. 2002:7654:A1AD:61:81AF:CCC1
C. FEC0:ABCD:WXYZ:0067::2A4
D. 2004:1:25A4:886F::1
Correct Answer: D
An IPv6 address is represented as eight groups of four hexadecimal digits, each group representing 16 bits (two octets).
The groups are separated by colons (:). An example of an IPv6 address is 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334.
The leading 0\\’s in a group can be collapsed using ::, but this can only be done once in an IP address.

Based on the network shown in the graphic

lead4pass 200-125 exam question q13

Which option contains both the potential networking problem and the protocol or setting that should be used to prevent
the problem?
A. routing loops, hold down timers
B. switching loops, split horizon
C. routing loops, split horizon
D. switching loops, VTP
E. routing loops, STP
F. switching loops, STP
Correct Answer: F
The Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) prevents loops from being formed when switches or bridges are interconnected via
multiple paths. Spanning-Tree Protocol implements the 802.1D IEEE algorithm by exchanging BPDU messages with
other switches to detect loops, and then removes the loop by shutting down selected bridge interfaces. This algorithm
guarantees that there is one and only one active path between two network devices.

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