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Best Cisco Business Value Specialist 810-403 dumps exam (1-30) questions and answers

Which three options are financial challenges in business outcome-based selling? (Choose three.)
A. Competing stakeholder goals and expectations.
B. Difficulty to determine external value.
C. Financial resources are distributed across functional areas.
D. Competitive analysis is often incomplete.
E. IT adoption and implementation may have long business cycles.
Correct Answer: ACE

Which question provides the best information to use to define customer success factors?
A. What services do you need?
B. Which Cisco products best fit your goals?
C. What tools are you looking for, to better measure your ROI?
D. What are your business objectives for this project/initiative?
Correct Answer: D

Which two elements that are associated with customer interaction is the Seven Elements Framework used to plan? (Choose two.)
A. general communications
B. high-impact negotiations
C. business concepts
D. prior solutions considered
E. seller\’s authority for pricing
Correct Answer: AB

Which two options are major tensions that business performance measurement could help balance? (Choose two.)
A. Responsive / non-responsive.
B. Different performance expectations.
C. Profit, growth and control.
D. Critical / non-critical.
E. Monitor and control.
Correct Answer: BC

Drag and drop the type of business case on the left to the business driver on the right.
Select and Place:
810-403 dumps
Correct Answer:
810-403 dumps
According to research, what is the leading reason that technology projects fail? 810-403 dumps
A. poor stakeholder identification and management
B. lack of budget
C. too many stakeholders
D. lack of a business model canvas
Correct Answer: A

Which is the main outstanding reason and justification for business outcome-based sales approach?
A. Organizations want more from their IT solutions which respect to value, time-to-market, and measurable outcomes.
B. Organizations want to improve the chain of value based on the cost of IT solutions they provide.
C. Organizations want to develop marketing and communicational strategies in order to sell more efficiently.
D. Organizations want to offer a renewed portfolio in order to increase share value.
Correct Answer: A

How does an open plan volume licensing model works?
A. It does not specify individual users, so any user can access the service.
B. It provides the organization with an agreed number of users.
C. The costs are directly related to usage, not quantity of users.
D. The enterprise pays as it acquires services.
Correct Answer: D

When selling business outcomes, which two key points/ factors related to understanding actual achievement of goals must be considered? (Choose two.)
A. specific timeframe and periods
B. communicational procedures
C. metrics and calculation procedures
D. project management milestones
Correct Answer: AC

Select and Place:
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Correct Answer:
810-403 dumps
CSFs define what an organization should be good at. Which two options are characteristics of CSFs? (Choose two.)
A. CSFs are quantitative in nature and focus stakeholder relationships
B. CSFs describe an element that is needed by an organization or project to reach its goal
C. CSFs help link business initiatives or processes with selling, designing, developing, and adopting solutions and services
D. CSFs should receive special and continual attention from management in order to help the organization be effective
Correct Answer: BD

Select and Place:
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Correct Answer:
810-403 dumps
Which two classes of solutions enable business outcomes for the Energy/Utilities industry? (Choose two.) 810-403 dumps
A. Advanced Routing
B. Data Center and Virtualization
C. Multilayer Switching
D. Internet of Everything
E. Remote Expert
F. Service Provider Network Infrastructure
Correct Answer: BD

How could IT as a Service help drive business outcomes?
A. By the fast technology acquisition options for the customers.
B. Providing an organization with the right to use the technology and service without the need for purchasing it.
C. Providing an organization with various options for the types of services to deploy.
D. Depending upon what the business is seeking, each type of service has different financial implications for business outcomes.
Correct Answer: D

Which two options are part of the five steps approach needed to conduct a stakeholder analysis? (Choose two.)
A. Define ways to move stakeholders from their current to future position.
B. Identifycustomer stakeholders.
C. Define absolute power and interest of stakeholders.
D. Generate consensus among stakeholders.
Correct Answer: AB

Which categories can collaboration help achieve business goals for the customer?
A. Innovation, Industries, Incentives.
B. Line of Business, Vertical, Business Outcome.
C. Industry markets, Business Outcome, Technology Innovation.
D. Line of Business, Vertical, Business Value.
Correct Answer: D

Which option is most likely to improve interactions with customers?
A. Understand their communication style.
B. Understand the goals of their team.
C. Learn their personal interests.
D. Know the time available to present the solution.
Correct Answer: A

Related to business outcomes, why are customers looking for Cisco and its Partners\’ solutions and services?
A. To explore how technology innovation yields new revenue, lower costs, or reduce risk in more detail
B. To help make a retailer aware of a restocking need while relying on a human interaction faster
C. To help them more quickly or effectively deploy, absorb, and adopt technologies in which they make investments
D. To allow customers to complete a marketing research as part of their investment funds
Correct Answer: C

When selling business outcomes, which two key factors must be considered in relation to the achievement of the outcomes? (Choose two.)
A. metrics and measurement
B. project management milestones
C. specific timeframe and milestones
D. communication procedures
Correct Answer: AC

Which two options have a positive impact on costs from the direct benefits provided by?
A. Enabling rapid growth to new markets andamp; geographies
B. Managing technology obsolescence
C. Managing technology innovation
D. Saving OpEx shifting to predicable CapEx
Correct Answer: AD

Which question provides the best information to define customer success factors? 810-403 dumps
A. What are your business objectives for this project/initiative?
B. What tools are you looking for, to better measure your ROI?
C. What services do you need?
D. Which Cisco products best fit your goals?
Correct Answer: A

Select and Place:
810-403 dumps
Correct Answer:
810-403 dumps
Which tool is recommended to help identify customer responsibilities in one of their business processes?
A. BMC chart
B. RACE report
C. Agile chart
D. RACI chart
Correct Answer: D

Which option is a key concept of the unique Cisco sales approach?
A. Add as many new Cisco technologies to the solution that meet customer needs.
B. Start driving outcomes for customers, and go beyond selling and implementing technology solutions.
C. Put together the most logical set of services for the customer.
D. Engage in dialog about customer needs and new technologies.
Correct Answer: B

What are the phases of the Seven Elements framework?
A. Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimize.
B. Past, Present, Future.
C. Previous, Present, Posterior.
D. Before, In Between, After.
Correct Answer: B

When you seek customer support for an action, which framework can be used to plan influential communication?
A. stakeholder analysis matrix
B. seven elements
C. principled negotiation
D. business model canvas
Correct Answer: B

Which option is a main benefit that Cisco Partners bring to the table for customers?
A. additional teams to implement solutions in a timely manner
B. relationships with key Cisco personnel
C. a large customer base for which to sell Cisco services
D. Cisco expertise and the ability to have specializations in certain practice areas
Correct Answer: D

Select and Place:
810-403 dumps
Correct Answer:
810-403 dumps
Which framework can give the best insight and visual flow into how a customer\’s functions work together, 810-403 dumps to go from parts inventory through shipped product?
A. business model canvas
B. porters value chain
C. critical success factor
D. organization chart
Correct Answer: B

Which option is the leading reason that technology projects fail, according to research?
A. too many stakeholders
B. lack of a business model canvas
C. poor stakeholder management
D. lack of budget
Correct Answer: B

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