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Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions | Certification and Learning: https://certification-learning.hpe.com/TR/datacard/Exam/HPE0-V14

This ATP certification validates a successful candidate has foundational knowledge and skills of the HPE infrastructure strategy,
encompassing SMB server, storage, networking, and management tools and their underlying architecture technologies. Given a set of customer requirements and a solution design, implement the solution.

HP HPE0-V14 exam Objectives:

20% Describe, differentiate, and apply industry-standard, foundational SMB architectures and technologies Identify and explain industry-standard IT technologies used in small and medium-sized solutions and their use cases

20% Recommend and position HPE products, solutions, and appropriate services for use cases Given a use case, recommend the appropriate HPE products, solutions, and services to meet the business requirement

20% Evaluate customer environment, and plan and design solutions using the HPE portfolio to meet customer requirements

  • identify and describe planning, design, and sizing tools and when to use them.
  • Given customer requirements, design an HPE server solution to meet those requirements
  • Given customer requirements, design an HPE storage solution to meet those requirements
  • Given customer requirements, design an HPE network solution to meet those requirements.
  • Given customer requirements, design an end-to-end, small to medium-sized HPE solution to meet those requirements

20% Install, configure, and upgrade HPE solutions and their components and validate the implementation

  • Install physical solution systems including racking, power, and cabling connections
  • Given a solution, configure and validate the server, storage, and/or networking components including integrating subsystems. 

10% – Troubleshoot and remediate HPE solution components

  • Identify the tools and methods to troubleshoot and remediate an HPE solution and when to use each tool and method 
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and remediate HPE solutions including component integrations (server, storage, and networking)

10% – Manage, monitor, administer, and operate HPE solutions and their components Manage HPE solutions and subsystems to ensure the solution continues to meet customer requirements

Latest Updates HP HPE0-V14 Exam Practice Questions and Answers


A customer is planning to deploy a new Top of Rack solution. They plan to use a stacking technology that meets the
following requirements:
Support for Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation in an active-active mode.
The control plane must not be a single point of failure.
Rapid Fail-over.
Unified Management.
They require a maximum of two switches per stack. Which stacking technology meets the customer\’s requirements?
A. HPE Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
B. HPE Distributed Trunking
C. Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)
D. Aruba Virtual Switching Framework (VSF)

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/tg/AVD_Midsize-Campus-Design-Deploy.pdf


A solution integrator is installing new equipment to the rack.
Click the recommended location for HPE R/T3000 Extended Runtime Module.
Hot Area:

newxpass hpe0-v14 q2

Correct Answer:

newxpass hpe0-v14 q2-1


Refer to the exhibit.

newxpass hpe0-v14 q3

A customer needs a server with four 10Gb network adapters. They need it to be configured for the best possible
network throughput. Given the BOM in the exhibit, what do you need to add to this server to meet the customer
A. Workload Accelerator
B. SSD Drives
C. Smart Storage Hybrid Capacitor
D. Secondary Riser Kit

Correct Answer: C


A customer needs NFS access on a fiber channel array.
What must be included in the solution to meet this requirement?
A. StoreEver
B. Storage File Controller
C. Smart Array Controller
D. StoreOnce RMC

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/gethtml.aspx?docname=a00047729enw


A customer is planning to deploy a branch office server rack. The environment will have the following requirements:
Single rack with 20 HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Servers.
Each Server will have 6 x 10G SFP+ Ports.
Each Server will have a dedicated iLO port.
The customer requires that only two switches be used.
The customer requires separate control planes. Which switch configuration can meet these requirements?
A. 2 x HPE 5945 Series switch with IRF
B. 2 x Aruba 8325 Series switches with VSX
C. 2 x HPE 5945 Series switches standalone
D. 2 x Aruba 8325 Series switches with backplane stacking.

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

newxpass hpe0-v14 q6

A customer has two HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers running as an Oracle cluster. They are trying to reduce
licensing costs and want to move to the best processor available from the list to minimize licensing costs while still
providing a high level of performance for the Oracle database.
Which DL380 Gen10 processor would you recommend?
A. Intel Xeon-Platinum 8280M
B. Intel Xeon-Platinum 8280
C. Intel Xeon-Platinum 8256
D. Intel Xeon-Platinum 8253

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.

newxpass hpe0-v14 q7

An administrator connected a hypervisor to interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/1 in a switch. The administrator created
virtual machines in VLAN 10 and 20 on the hypervisor. VLAN 10 is configured to be tagged, and VLAN 20 is configured
be untagged on the hypervisor.
The administrator found that all the virtual machines in VLAN 20 can communicate with each other, but not with any
virtual machines on VLAN 20 external to the hypervisor.
Given the output in the exhibit, what should you do to resolve the issue?
A. Permit VLAN 1 on the interface.
B. Configure the PVID of the interface to be VLAN 20.
C. Configure the interface as an access port.
D. Configure the interface as an IRF port.

Correct Answer: D


What is the correct cable type to use when connecting a pair of switches using Long Range (LR) Transceivers?
A. Direct Attach Cable (DAC)
B. Twin-Ax
C. Single Mode Fiber
D. Multi-mode Fiber

Correct Answer: C

Single-mode uses a single relatively straight beam of light, transmitted directly through a core of glass (or occasionally
plastic) that\’s usually 50 microns across. Single-mode accommodates large power levels, and is almost exclusively
used for Long Range (LR) applications.
Reference: https://info.hummingbirdnetworks.com/blog/answering-your-frequently-asked-questions-about-different-typesof-10-gigabit-cisco-sfp-units


You have configured a port on an HPE FlexFabric 5900 series switch that is connected to a VMware ESXi server to
support multiple VLANs.

newxpass hpe0-v14 q9

Given the configuration above, what should happen to any of the untagged traffic coming from the VMware ESXi host?
A. The untagged traffic with being dropped.
B. The untagged traffic will be transmitted in VLAN 2.
C. The untagged traffic will be transmitted in VLAN 50.
D. The untagged traffic will be transmitted in VLAN 1.

Correct Answer: C


Match each adapter to its characteristic.
Select and Place:

newxpass hpe0-v14 q10

Correct Answer:

newxpass hpe0-v14 q10-1


Which backup targets are available from an HPE StoreOnce backup system? (Choose two.)
B. Catalyst
D. S3

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=emr_na-c03824941


A customer has a VMware environment with HPE ProLiant servers and Nimble storage. They have been using a
Windows VM to provide file services for their employees.
The customer is experiencing performance issues with the solution due to memory constraints on the virtual
What could be added to the existing environment that will provide dedicated file services with better performance that
would still utilize the existing storage and backup solutions?
A. HPE StoreEver 30750
B. HPE Storage Performance File Controller
C. HPE StoreEasy 1460 Storage
D. HPE StoreEasy 1650 Expanded Storage

Correct Answer: C

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