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1Y0-203 exam

  • Initial Requirements
  • Installing and Configuring a XenApp and XenDesktop Site
  • Provisioning and Delivering App and Desktop Resources
  • Providing Access with StoreFront and Receiver
  • Understanding and Configuring Citrix Policies
  • Application Presentation and Management
  • Printing with XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Citrix Profile Management
  • Managing the XenApp and XenDesktop Site
  • XenApp and XenDesktop Site Redundancy Considerations
  • XenApp and XenDesktop Basic Security Considerations
  • Monitoring the XenApp and XenDesktop Site
  • Supporting and Troubleshooting XenApp and XenDesktop

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Table of Contents:

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Free Citrix 1Y0-203 Exam Practice Questions

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy a new version of Receiver to 10 users who are onsite as visitors and
use personal BYOD laptops that run an older version of Receiver. The users only require a base installation of Receiver
with NO customizations; however, they will need to have the ability to print and save files locally from within their
The users will access XenDesktop resources through StoreFront.
Which two deployment options can the administrator choose for these users? (Choose two.)
A. Have users run HTML5 Receiver through web browser.
B. Use an Enterprise software deployment of Receiver.
C. Deploy Receiver through StoreFront browser.
D. Have users perform a manual installation of Native Receiver.
Correct Answer: AC

A Citrix Administrator wants to use NetScaler Gateway to allow external users to access internal resources securely.
Which three functionalities will the NetScaler Gateway provide to allow access to internal resources on behalf of
external users? (Choose three.)
A. Allow secured external connections to StoreFront (reverse Web Proxy)
B. Authenticate Users
C. Enumerate resources
D. Allow secured access to internal hosted applications (HDX Proxy)
E. Aggregate resources
Correct Answer: BCE

A Citrix Administrator needs to add a VMware ESXi host as a hosting unit in the XenDesktop.
Which three permissions are required by User account to add the VMware ESXi host? (Choose three.)
A. System.Read
B. DataStore.AllocateSpace
C. DataStore.FileManagement
D. System.View
E. System.Anonymousx
F. DataStore.Browse
Correct Answer: ADE

Which account is used by FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) services to access the Citrix XenApp and
XenDesktop SQL databases?
A. Network Service Account
B. Local System Account
C. Local User Account
D. Controller\\’s Machine Account
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is planning to update a Machine Catalog for the first time. The Machine Catalog was
created with Machine Creation Services (MCS). What happens to the identity disk after the update?
A. It is deleted and recreated
B. It stays the same size
C. It doubles in size
D. It is formatted and re-initialized
Correct Answer: B

Which two FlexCast models allow for high scalability and user density? (Choose two.)
A. Remote PC access
B. Hosted VDI
C. Published applications
D. Hosted shared desktops
Correct Answer: CD

Which two cloud providers are supported with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15? (Choose two.)
A. Amazon Web Services
B. Google Cloud Services
C. Microsoft Azure
D. IBM Cloud
Correct Answer: AC

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator works at a hospital where doctors frequently move between patient rooms.
Each patient room has a different workstation. Several doctors have complained that when they switch patient rooms,
they have to relaunch their Citrix-delivered applications.
Which feature can the administrator configure to address this issue?
A. Session Pre-launch
B. ICA Keep-Alive
C. Session Reliability
D. Workspace Control
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy 2000 virtual desktops. The hardware in the environment has a very fast
SSD local storage, and the SAN is running almost at capacity. There is NO need for user-installed applications or
persistency in the environment.
Which provisioning method would allow the administrator to save SAN storage?
A. Provisioning Services
B. Manual Provisioning
C. Existing machines
D. Machine Creation Services
Correct Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to get a list of all published applications being used along with associated user names in a
XenApp environment. Which cmdlet can the administrator execute to accomplish this task?
A. Get-BrokerApplicationInstance
B. Get-BrokerApplication
C. Get-BrokerSessionLinger
D. Get-BrokerSession
Correct Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator needs to review the Delivery Group\\’s historical data from the last 200 days. Which tool allows the
administrator to view this data?
A. Citrix Studio – Delivery Groups
B. Citrix Director – Dashboard
C. Citrix Studio – Applications
D. Citrix Director – Trends
Correct Answer: D

Which two steps can a Citrix Administrator perform to use Citrix PowerShell cmdlets in a XenDesktop environment?
(Choose two.)
A. Get-executionPolicy
B. Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
C. Get-Command-Module Citrix*
D. Add-Pssnapin citrix*
Correct Answer: BD

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured two sites: Site A and Site B. Each site uses the same license server
named LicenseServer1. The administrator has the following additional information:
Site A is configured to check out Enterprise licenses.
Site B is configured to check out Platinum licenses.
LicenseServer1 contains both Enterprise and Platinum licenses.
The Enterprise licenses have become exhausted, and the next user from Site A attempts to launch a published desktop.
What will be the outcome of this action?
A. The application will launch successfully with Platinum licenses checked out.
B. The application will launch successfully, and Site A will enter the Supplement Grace Period.
C. The user will be unable to launch the application, and the error message “No resources available” will appear.
D. The application will launch successfully, and Site B will enter the Supplement Grace Period.
Correct Answer: B

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