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Real and effective Polycom 1K0-001 exam Practice Questions

Does IEEE oversee which of the following?
A. ANSI standards
B. ISO standards
C. 802 LAN groups
D. OSI Model
E. Bell Standards
F. All of the above
Correct Answer: C


How is the noise measured?
A. Volume
B. Distance
C. Amplitude
D. Impedance
Correct Answer: AC


Which of the following audio coding provides a frequency response bandwidth range of 50- 7000Hertz?
A. G.711 and G.721
B. G.723.1 and G.729
C. G.721 and G.725
D. G.726 and G.729
E. G.722 and G.722.1
Correct Answer: E


What is the audio data rate in bits per second that a G.723.1 and G.729 audio algorithms that use over a network
A. greater than 64,000
B. greater than 16,000
C. less than 5,000
D. less than 10,000
Correct Answer: D


The scope of the H.225 Standard describes:
A. video and audio coders for H.323.
B. channel bandwidth sub-division.
C. the means by which audio, video, data, and control are associated, coded and packetized for transport between
H.323 equipment on a packet-based network.
D. the means by which audio, video, data, and control are associated, coded and channelized for transport between
H.320 equipment on a channel network.
E. the Coding Operation details for video and audio.
F. A and C
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following correctly describe training as it applies to Acoustic Echo Cancellers (AEC)?
A. Training is a process by which AEC adapts to the room acoustics
B. Training is dependent on room AEC related audio components and gain settings.
C. Training occurs regardless of the events occurring in a given room and AEC functions will only work if the mute the button is pressed.
D. Training requires no input from any microphone signals in a videoconferencing room.
Correct Answer: A


Video Conferencing Terminals that are designed to tolerate Network delay, packets lost, packets out of sequence, and
jitter are called________.
A. H.321 Terminals
B. H.320 Terminals
C. H.323 Terminals
D. F.150 Terminals
E. T.120 Data Transfer ANSI Terminals.
Correct Answer: C


Videoconferencing over IP End Point Systems must use signaling to establish a media channel conference Call Setup.
Call Operations are part of what Standard?
A. LAP / B
B. LAP / D
C. H.225/Q.921
D. H.225/H.261
E. H.225/Q.931
Correct Answer: E


Which of the following most accurately defines white balance?
A. The number of white pixels that appear in a video frame
B. A feature that eliminates noises distributed uniformly over the frequency spectrum
C. A feature that splits the signal between the red, green, and blue components to make white
D. A feature that adjusts the signal between the red, green, and blue components that yield white video signals.
Correct Answer: D


Muting audio during a connected videoconference is typically performed when you:
A. need to move the microphone.
B. do not want to hear the other parties.
C. needs to move the conference table.
D. are listening and your room is very noisy.
E. needs to hang up the video call.
Correct Answer: ACD


Real-Time Transport Protocol and Real-Time Transport Control Protocol are used to provide:
A. Lower Layer Transport of Data Collaboration.
B. Lower Layer Transport of Audio and Video.
C. Upper Layer Data Packet Sequencing, Timing, and Synchronization for Audio and Video.
D. Upper-Layer Packet Loss and Packet Errors Statistics and Corrective Action.
E. A and B.
F. C and D.
G. all of the above.
Correct Answer: F


Which Network Services speeds are governed by cable length and cable wire gauge?
A. Packet Switching
B. Integrated Services Digital Network Primary Rate
C. D-Channels
D. B-channels
E. Digital Subscriber Line Services
Correct Answer: E


H.323 Media Gateways require H.323 Terminals, which wish to make calls through the Gateway to ISDN sites, too:
A. perform a test with the other H.323 Terminals first
B. be registered with the MCU first
C. be registered with the Gatekeeper first
D. call the Network administrator first
E. be using a Gateway Prefix registered on an Active Gatekeeper
F. be using a Gatekeeper Prefix defined on the End Point
Correct Answer: E

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