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Latest EMC Certifications Exam questions

Latest EMC EMCDS E20-065 exam List

Specialist – Data Scientist, Advanced
Analytics Version 1.0: https://education.dellemc.com/content/dam/dell-emc/documents/en-us/E20_065_Advanced_Analytics_Specialist_Exam.pdf

Latest updates EMC E20-065 exam practice questions(1-10)

What are the major components of the YARN architecture?
A. ResourceManager and NodeManager
B. Task Tracker and NameNode
C. HDFS, Tez, and Spark
D. Avro, ZooKeeper, and HDFS
Correct Answer: A


What best describes tokenization?
A. Adding lexical relations to the raw text
B. Converting text into the list of terms
C. Converting text into a list of unique terms
D. Reducing variant forms of tokens to their base forms
Correct Answer: B


In which step in the visualization lifecycle would you determine how the raw data is stored?
A. Visualization Planning
B. Data Preparation
C. Visualization Building
D. Discovery
Correct Answer: B


What is NOT a category of a NoSQL data store?
A. Columnar
B. Document
C. Key/Value
D. Flat File
Correct Answer: D


What is a property of a good color model for ordinal data?
A. Uses a rainbow-like color map for distinction of categories
B. Uses a rainbow-like color map for ease of display and printing
C. Uses perceptually ordinal colors with just-noticeable increments
D. Uses perceptually ordinal colors with linear, perceptual increments
Correct Answer: D


What is a characteristic of lemmatization?
A. Can be performed by calling the synset () function on a lemma in LNTK
B. Can be performed by calling the lemma() function on a synset in LNTK
C. Reduces words of variant forms to their base forms based on a set of heuristics
D. Reduces words of variant forms to their base forms based on a dictionary
Correct Answer: D


A data engineer is asked to process several large datasets using MapReduce. Upon initial inspection the engineer
realizes that there are complex interdependencies between the datasets.
Why is this a problem?
A. MapReduce works best on unstructured data
B. There is no problem; MapReduce accommodates all the data
C. MapReduce can only parse one file at a time.
D. MapReduce is not ideal when the processing of one dataset depends on another.
Correct Answer: D


What are two visualization tools used for trivariate data?
A. Scatter plot matrix
B. Hexbin plot and heatmap
C. Scatter plot matrix and density plot
D. Scatter plot matrix and heatmap
Correct Answer: B


A marketing team creates a graph using a square for each data point, where the length of each side is set to the data
value. The data values are 10 and 20.
What is the lie factor of the graph?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 6
Correct Answer: B


Which Hadoop Files System shell command copies data from a local file system into HDFS?
A. rm
B. cp
C. put
D. get
Correct Answer: C

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Latest EMC EMCIE E20-393 exam List

EMC E20-393 Exam Video

Find Exam, |Dell EMC Education Service:https://education.dellemc.com/content/EMC/en-us/home/certification-overview/find-exam.html

Latest updates EMC E20-393 exam practice questions (1-10)

Which system level alert indicates an error has occurred that has no impact on the system and should be remedied in
the near future?
A. Error
B. Warning
C. Informational
D. Notice
Correct Answer: A
References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h15085-dell-emc-unity-unisphere-overview.pdf (23)


How does Dell EMC Unity XT differ from Dell EMC UnityVSA?
A. Unity XT supports FAST VP only UnityVSA supports FAST VP and FAST Cache
B. Unity XT supports host I/O limits and monitoring and reporting UnityVSA supports monitoring and reporting only
C. UnityXT supports FAST VP and FAST Cache. UnityVSA supports FAST VP only
D. UnityXT supports monitoring and reporting only UnityVSA supports host I/O limits and monitoring and reporting
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/resources/nl-nl/asset/datasheets/products/storage/h17717_dell_emc_unity_xt_hybrid_family_top_reasons.pdf


Which VASA API protocol is used to integrate with Dell EMC UnityVSA over HTTPS?
Correct Answer: D


What are four constraints defined in a VMware Capability Profile?
A. Service Level, Access, Protocol, and Space Efficiency
B. Capacity, Drive Type, RAID Level, and Data Reduction
C. Protocol Endpoint, Drive Type, RAID Level, and VM UUID
D. Service Level, Drive Type, RAID Level, and Space Efficiency
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/resources/en-us/asset/white-papers/products/storage/h15091-dell-emc-unityvirtualization-integration.pdf (figure 6)


A storage administrator has added multiple resources to a single density-based Host I/O Limit policy for the following
storage resources: LUN A: 25 GB LUN B: 25 GB LUN C: 50 GB Density-Based Limit 20 IOPS
What is the total IOPS set by this policy?
A. 200
B. 500
C. 2000
D. 2500
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.dell.com/community/Unity/Host-IO-Limits-on-Unity-600F-storage/td-p/7131577


What is a function of CloudIQ?
A. Tier to cloud storage
B. Provision storage resources
C. Configure host access
D. Monitor system health
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h15691-emc-cloudiq-overview.pdf


Which Unity service task is used to reinstall the root operating system while leaving the user\\’s data intact?
A. Restore the Management server
B. Reimage the Storage Processor
C. Restore the Management software
D. Reinitialize the storage system
Correct Answer: B
Re-image a storage processor (SP) to safely fix problems with the system software that could not be resolved by
rebooting the SP. Re-imaging analyzes the system software for errors and attempts to correct them instantly. Re-image
an SP
from the Service System page.
Your configuration settings and stored files will not be changed.
References: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-40315


Which Unity feature supports provisioning within vCenter, provides full visibility to physical storage, and increases
management efficiency?
Correct Answer: A


When creating a new LUN on a Dell EMC Unity array using Unisphere, what is the default setting of the Data Reduction
A. OFF for thick LUNs and ON for thin LUNs
B. ON for thick LUNs and OFF for thin LUNs
C. ON for thin LUNs in an All-Flash pool
D. OFF for thin LUNs in an All-Flash pool
Correct Answer: D


A storage administrator configured a Hybrid Dell EMC Unity XT storage system using one default port containing three
disk types. They need additional Flash capacity. What is the correct way to expand the pool?
A. Add a RAID Group of SAS Flash 4 drives to the pool
B. Add 2 SAS Flash drives to the FAST Cache
C. Add 1 SAS Flash drive to the pool
D. Add a RAID Group of SAS Flash drives to the pool
Correct Answer: A

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Latest EMC E20-555 exam List

E20-555 – Dell EMC Education Services – Dell Technologies:https://education.dellemc.com/content/dam/Dell-EMC/documents/en-us/e20-555_TA_Isilon_Solutions_And_Design_Specialist_Exam.pdf

Latest updates EMC E20-555 exam practice questions (1-10)

An Isilon has two ports configured per node. Each port is on a different VLAN. Although incoming traffic is evenly
distributed, transmitted data from the Isilon uses one port more than the other port. What could be the cause of this
A. Static routes are configured on the less-used port
B. A default gateway was not configured on both ports
C. Source Based Routing is not enabled on the cluster
D. Priority of the gateway in the less-used port set too low
Correct Answer: B


What is the sector size of an Isilon 8 TB drive?
A. 512 bytes
B. 1024 bytes
C. 2048 bytes
D. 4096 bytes
Correct Answer: A


A customer is making a decision between Isilon and a competitor\\’s offering. They currently have 100TB of usable
capacity and are forecasting 100% growth per year for the next three years, which will require them to lease additional
space in their co-located data center. The CFO finds ROI and TCO to be important decision criteria.
Which statement best emphasizes the value of Isilon for this customer?
A. Isilon\\’s OneFS data protection policies offer substantially lower overhead than competitive RAID based NAS
B. An IDC study found that Isilon requires 95% less down time hours per year compared to other competitors.
C. The competition cannot offer a scale-out NAS so as capacity is added to the array, performance may degrade.
D. Isilon\\’s OneFS allows administrators to manage much larger amounts of capacity than competitive offerings.
Correct Answer: A

Your customer uses an existing Isilon cluster consisting of five NL-Series nodes to source broadcast media files for
playback and streaming.The customer reports that the playback pauses and stutters regularly. It has been confirmed
that there are no network or playback system issues.
Which of the choices listed is the appropriate choice to address the playback issues?
A. Add three or more S-Series Nodes
B. Upgrade OneFS to the latest version
C. Enable SmartConnect Advanced
D. Enable Level 2 Caching
Correct Answer: A


Your customer\\’s site uses an old X-Series cluster, and they are interested in consolidating their two primary workflows.
iostat shows that one of the applications is sensitive to latency, while isi statistics indicates sensitivity to disk response
times. There are approximately 1000 users accessing 70 TB of file data.
Which node type would you recommend?
A. S200
B. X400
C. X200
D. NL400
Correct Answer: A


How many file systems are present in a 20-node Isilon X200 cluster?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: A


If business objectives such as value and SLAs are considered, which Isilon license feature provides the ability to
manage performance and the cost of data in a cluster?
A. SmartPools
B. SmartConnect
C. SyncIQ
D. SmartQuota
Correct Answer: A


Which license is a prerequisite for enabling CloudPools?
A. SmartPools
B. FilePools
C. DiskPools
D. NodePools
Correct Answer: A


A customer wants to use their large Gen 6 Isilon cluster for ILM. All of their data is written to and read from a single file
pool. They need to use multiple file pools, so slightly used data is stored on less expensive, large disks. Heavily used
data is stored on a faster tier.
What would satisfy the customer\\’s needs?
A. Configure SmartPools Advanced
B. Add an A-series node with SmartPools license
C. Enable FAST VP license on each node pair
D. Install SmartPools license on the cluster
Correct Answer: A


Your customer manages a print media environment, consisting of three Isilon clusters, which are out of support. The
customer would like to have access to new software releases and feature sets. You have been asked to perform a full
discovery of the customer\\’s environment.
The customer\\’s current Isilon clusters are as follows:
“Cust” (12 x 12000X) serves as upload media storage for different tenants.
“Working” (8 x 12000X + 6 x X200) serves as a working zone for extraction to RAW and printing media from it.
“Archive” (16 x 72NL + Accelerator nodes) is used to store printed content for six months.
The customer operates in a Windows environment using SMB 2.0, two DNS servers per AD forest, three forest domains
which are servicing three different environments. All servers are operating on a 1Gb network, three VLANs segregating
the DEV/QA/PROD environments. Currently, there is no monitoring in place for performance measurement or
The requirements for this solution include:
Better ROI and TCO
Maintain same performance with possible improvements
Renew HW/SW and get inclusive support
Limit migrations
Reduce space, power, cooling consumption
Get new feature sets
If migration required, use Parallel copy (multiple nodes, multiple threads, multiple connections)
Segregate tenant shares from other tenants
Expand up to 1PB of total storage
What would you recommend be done to consolidate the three clusters into one?
A. • Expand the largest and most I/O intensive cluster using SmartFail

Consolidate the remaining two clusters using Multithreaded version of RoboCopy

Modify A-Record and propagate to all DNS servers to point to the new cluster
B. • Leave the clusters as is
• Upgrade drive sizes to meet the customer requirements
C. • Expand the largest and most I/O intensive cluster using SmartFail
• Consolidate the remaining two clusters using SyncIQ
D. • Build a new cluster for consolidation

Use SnapshotIQ to migrate the existing data onto the new consolidated cluster

Spoof DNS to point to the new cluster
Correct Answer: C

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