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Latest Update F5 Certification 101 Online Exam Practice Questions

Which of the following does NOT describe network performance management?
A. Updating software on various devices
B. Seeing graphs in near real-time
C. Visibility into multiple network devices
D. Being alerted to an issue as it happens
E. Viewing virtual server statistics
Correct Answer: A


Without creating a user defined region, what is the most specific group a topology record can identify?
A. city
B. country
C. continent
D. state/province
E. region of country
Correct Answer: D


Which level of parameter assumes the highest precedence in BIG-IP ASM System processing logic?
A. Flow
B. Object
C. Global
Correct Answer: A


A top-level DNS zone uses a CNAME record to point to a sub-zone. Which of the following is an example of a subzone?
A. www.F5.com/sub
B. www.F5.com
C. www.gslb.F5.com
D. .com
E. f5.com
Correct Answer: C


A web client accesses a web application using what protocol?
Correct Answer: D


Why is BIG-IP ASM ideally suited to protect against layer 7 attacks, including HTTP and HTTPS/SSL traffic, when
compared to an intrusion prevention system (IPS)?
A. An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is based on Packet Filtering.
B. An IPS doesn\\’t have the visibility into HTTPS traffic. it doesn\\’t understand what applications are in the network.
C. An IPS only focus on operating system attacks; it doesn\\’t understand what application are in the network.
D. An IPS can only look at overall traffic patterns; it doesn\\’t understand what applications are in the network.
Correct Answer: D


GTM can load balance to LTM in addition to non-BIG-IP hosts.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


After editing and saving changes to the configuration file containing virtual servers, what is the immediate result?
A. The new configuration is verified and loaded.
B. The new configuration is verified not loaded.
C. The new configuration is verified.
D. The new configuration is loaded but not verified.
E. The new configuration is neither verified not loaded.
F. The new configuration is verified and loaded if is it syntactically correct.
Correct Answer: E


CORRECT TEXT LTM runs on________F5\\’s proprietary product platform. (Fill in the correct answer)
Correct Answer: TMOS


What is the main business driver for bringing Enterprise Manager into the network infrastructure?
A. Consolidate management of administrator and user accounts
B. Consolidate management of licenses
C. Consolidate management of SSL certificates
D. Consolidate management of BIG-IP devices
E. Consolidate management of access policies
Correct Answer: D


Which two can be a part of a pool\\’s definition? (Choose two.)
A. rule(s)
B. profile(s)
C. monitor(s)
D. persistence type
E. load balancing mode
Correct Answer: CE


What does the BIG-IP_add script do?
A. add BIG-IP servers to the wideip.conf file
B. add an existing GTM System to a sync group
C. synchronize configuration files between BIG-IP Systems
D. exchange web certificates and keys between BIG-IP Systems
Correct Answer: D


Which of the following are four of the security benefits of TMOS? (Choose four.)
A. It verifies traffic based on antivirus signatures.
B. It provides protection against DDoS.
C. It uses SYN cookies and dynamic connection reapers.
D. It supplies guidance for poorly developed applications.
E. It denies all traffic that hasn\\’t been defined.
F. It can hide confidential information from outbound traffic.
Correct Answer: BCEF

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