Cisco Systems Inc. (GOOG) Management Cisco Cloudy Strategy Conference (Transcript)

Cisco continues to dominate the global exchange and router markets, with the technology giant taking a 51% share of the market as end-user investments rebound.

According to Synergy Research Group’s Q3 data, Cisco currently holds a share of enterprise routers in individual segments, ranging from 63% of enterprise routers to 38% of service provider routers, representing a supply from the first quarter of 2016 The best share of business performance.

The Cisco Spark service offers a wide range of collaboration capabilities including team messaging, voice and video calling, online conferencing, whiteboarding, and a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for workflow optimization across multiple enterprise applications.
Cisco Spark by Orange is being used by global enterprises that want a mobile workspace that can scale from a single seat to a collaborative environment. Michael Burrell, global business director for unified communications at Orange Business Services, told FierceTelecom that more corporate customers are using the service.

Some of the customers already taking advantage of the service include a global mining company that is using Cisco Spark with WebEx and Spark Boards to enable collaboration.

With 24×7 support and seamless integration with existing service management, Cisco Spark enables organizations to reduce costs globally and at the same time increase end-user productivity with free phone numbers and competitive rates at call-back.

As a large supplier, Orange Business Services will provide the customer’s corporate network with the necessary Cisco Spark platform management and integration. Like other providers, Orange Business Services is keen on taking advantage of the growing hybrid cloud trend.
The service provider can integrate various functions, including Cisco’s UC solution, integrate video conferencing or cloud connected audio.

Spark supports a wide range of endpoints and integrates with the phone or video as well as the Spark Board (a 55-70 inch screen that can be used as a whiteboard, video or audio conferencing unit).

This network of labs provides a global mix of physical and virtual resources, which is designed to provide a dedicated space for innovation and development. To enable customers to try on the service, Orange has opened 11 Cisco Spark by Orange Open Labs. Initially, the lab will include eight major locations in Europe and Singapore, as well as two locations in the United States.

Customer usage labs integrate collaboration, connectivity, robotics development, and application integration with the Cisco Spark API catalog. The lab provides a real-time software and API development environment between Cisco Spark and third-party applications.
Enterprises will be able to develop specific apps leveraging Cisco Spark by Orange APIs and integrate them smoothly into their business processes, maximizing efficiency and resources.

For example, a bank customer can create a robot to extract personal financial documents in secure Spark space. Customers can also create a Spark space for specific customers, with different teams, from sales to marketing and customer service, to documents, chat or video conferencing through an expert.

The lab is the realization of something that’s been promised for a long time in the unified communications and collaboration space, which is communications-enabled business processes, Rather than the process being separate from the collaboration tools and applications, it becomes meshed in the process to improve the output of it.